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iPod and iPad Grants for Education

  • Published: 2011-11-08 : Author: Wendy Taormina-Weiss
  • Synopsis: Grants for iPads assist the educational process and provide educational applications students can use and learn from.

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Students in schools today are using technologies that students in the past have not in order to achieve academic results.

The iPod and iPad are two forms of technology that are helping students to reach for their academic goals, yet for some schools and students, availability of these items is limited. Grants through nonprofit organizations and other sources help to decrease this lack of availability.

iPads for the Classroom

Grants for iPads assist the educational process.

Devices such as iPads provide educational applications students can use and learn from, presenting much needed information related to the lessons teachers give each day. iPad grants for the classroom help teachers to convey knowledge and information to their students in a modern world while helping to ensure equal access to lesson plans.

Providing education to students in a world of increasing technological development means ensuring students are accustomed to using products such as the iPad while they are still in a classroom environment.

iPad grants for the classroom is an educational effort that provides assistance to students by making sure that students, teachers, schools, and some non-profit educational organizations have iPads to use.

The iPad is a product that can be used by both students with and without forms of disabilities, yet some schools lack products like the iPad to support the learning process.

Image of an iPad displaying booksStudents who use iPads are much more engaged in the learning process and do not become bored as easily. Students enjoy seeking out information to use in relation to the lessons they are learning. Instead of using paper and pencils, students using iPads can complete lessons and submit them to their teachers without leaving paper waste or pencil shavings behind. Teachers find the iPad makes their job easier.

Organizations that promote the use of iPads in the classroom and provide assistance desire to improve the educational opportunities available to students. These organizations desire to increase the quality of education students receive, as well as to facilitate students, teachers, and schools to provide education regarding technologies used in the world today. They want to ensure that students receive iPad grants for the classroom.

Providing Lessons for Students Using iPods

The iPod is another form of technology that may still sound new to some in relation to education, although there are schools using the iPod. Grants for iPod and iPad are very similar and both of the products greatly enhance the learning process in classrooms. The difference between them where education is concerned is the types of applications they use.

Image of a student using an iPodFor example; a third grade teacher in one elementary school uses the iPod to explain lessons to their students who have received the iPods via a grant. The same students also use their iPods to help themselves to practice the lessons the teacher has given them. The iPod grant the school received assist students with and without disabilities to receive a quality education in the classroom, and has become a product used regularly to instruct students by the teacher.

'Story Kit,' is an application that is provided through iPod grants. Through the Story Kit application, students learn to explore their creativity and express it through the iPod Touch; evidence the good and creative genius of a new generation is being enhanced through iPod grants. The iPod also has a number of applications that are designed for other educational purposes, such as algebra and more.

Image of a student with disabilities using an iPadWhile iPads and iPods were not necessarily designed specifically for use by students with special needs, there are many such students who have excelled in their studies through use of these products in and out of the classroom. Parents and teachers of students with autism have discovered many excellent uses for iPads and iPods; so have parents and teacher of students with visual impairments. The products have been used successfully in entire classrooms and have the potential to replace textbooks. Grant funding to help schools, teachers, and students receive iPads and iPods can help to promote academic excellence.

Grants, iPads, and iPods

One of the best ways to find a grant for an iPad or iPod is not to seek a grant to buy them specifically, but instead look for grants that assist with similar needs. For example - if you are looking for iPads to assist children with autism with the goal of improving their reading skills, look for grants that help to pay for learning costs related to children with autism. A number of organizations provide grant funding to improve technology in the classroom such as health clinics or other nonprofit organizations. Look for grants that help to pay for computers and hand-held devices.

Try to think on a local level - find grants that pay for iPads or iPods for classrooms by focusing on a number of grants from local businesses and combine them. Visit local business groups that may help your class and students or school and present to them the ways iPads or iPods can help the students.

Apps for Children with Special Needs

"Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) is committed to helping the families and carers of children with special needs and the wider community of educators and therapists who support them, by producing videos that demonstrate how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really work from a user perspective."


"StoryKit was designed by researchers at the University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab as a basis for studying how mobile devices can be a conduit for children to work with their family members doing creative and educational activities."

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