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The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website

  • Published: 2009-07-02 (Revised/Updated 2010-07-09) : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: A review of the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Website a provincial cross disability site in British Columbia.

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) website is a provincial, cross-disability site in British Columbia that presents information on a variety of topics relevant to persons with disabilities.

The BCCPD has been working towards their goals for greater than thirty years to raise awareness of issues which affect the lives of persons with disabilities and to secure the income and supports needed by us to live with dignity. They desire to increase the ability of people with disabilities to both contribute and participate in their communities.

In order to reach their goals, the BCCPD pursues a number of different activities. They work for change in all levels of government related to attitudes and policies affecting people with disabilities, as well as promotion of public awareness where emerging issues are concerned through events, the media, and additional projects. The BCCPD works to develop educational publications for persons with disabilities and the government; they do the same for the public at large. They share self-help skills with both disability groups and individuals. The people at BCCPD are very active; they also provide group and individual advocacy efforts for persons with disabilities, while serving on both government and community-based committees.

As I continued to review the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities website, I discovered that they have a variety of programs and services they offer. The work this organization is doing is truly admirable, make no mistake about it. My simple review simply cannot say enough - even where their participation in programs and services is concerned. Let me give you a basic idea of the many things that the BCCPD is involved with related to programs and services:

Advocacy related to disability access income assistance benefits, CPP disability benefits, and disability-related programs and services

Disability Wellness Initiative; Living well, preventing illness, and managing health issues

The AIDS and Disability Action Program

The Individualized Funding Web-Based Resource Center

The Health Literacy Network

CARMA; the Community and Residents Mentors Association

The BCCPD is also involved with several publications. Useful information is something that is invaluable to people with disabilities, no matter where in the world we happen to be. Issues facing persons with disabilities in one particular area often arise in another part of the world. Given this fact, publications such as the ones that the BCCPD is involved with certainly benefit us all. I was pleased to find the variety of publications available through the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities website; they include:

BC Disability Benefits

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

Health and Wellness Publications

Transition Magazine

Additional Publications

Emergency Preparedness and the BCCPD

The BC Coalition of Persons with Disabilities has put an incredible amount of time, effort and energy into pursuits related to emergency preparedness. In the year 2008, the BCCPD held a series of three workshops on emergency planning; stakeholders from a number of groups attended. As a result of these workshops, a forty-page report was produced titled, 'A Road Map to Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities.' The report provides a summary of the outcomes of the workshops, as well as proposed actions, presentations by the panel, and workshop resources.

The BCCPD has produced many other works related to emergency preparedness as well. These works include handbooks, checklists, training manuals, planning guides and pandemic preparedness reports. The BCCPD is plainly on top of emergency preparedness issues, and is an invaluable resource for everyone with a disability, people who employ persons with disabilities, and health care professionals alike. Examples of their works include:

Workplace Emergency Planning for Workers with Disabilities: A Handbook for Employers and Workers

Workplace Emergency Planning Inclusive of People with Disabilities

Checklist to Facilitate Emergency Planning for At-Risk People

Learning C-Mist: Train the Trainer: Helping Individuals with Disabilities Create Personal Preparedness Plans

The Search for Inclusivity and Accessibility: A Review of Provincial Emergency Planning Guidelines and Training

Community Capacity and Pandemic Preparedness Workshop Report

Public Safety Education Plan for Vulnerable, At-Risk and Multicultural Populations

Endlessly supportive of persons with disabilities, the BC Coalition of Persons with Disabilities website and organization has included some very worthwhile resources on their site. You will find information on assistive devices and equipment, disability organizations and information, bathroom remodeling for people with disabilities and seniors, as well as government information and reports on their website. They even have a link to Google's new Accessible Web Search.

After a review of the BC Coalition of Persons with Disabilities' website, I am highly pleased to have found this resource. The amount of information available through the site adds substantially to the Disability Community at large. The services and programs this organization and site contribute are extremely impressive. The BCCPD's contributions in the areas of health, wellness, government and community participation, and emergency preparedness help everyone with a disability in my opinion -

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