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Caring for Each Other Through Friendships

Published: 2011-04-10 - Updated: 2013-06-06
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: A persons particular social identity does not matter when it comes to social interaction.

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A person's particular social identity does not matter when it comes to social interaction. It doesn't matter if you use adaptive equipment, what your racial or ethnic background is, whether you can hear or see or not, or how tall you are.


People with disabilities many times think of the word, 'care,' and images of nursing assistants or other medical personnel come to mind. Others think of family members or friends, who often provide care for us. Care does not always come in the form of daily necessity however. Sometimes, it comes in the form of being there in other ways.

A person's particular social identity does not matter when it comes to social interaction. It doesn't matter if you use adaptive equipment, what your racial or ethnic background is, whether you can hear or see or not, or how tall you are. The majority of people are social by their very nature and enjoy interactions with others.

Visit Your Neighbor

Why not stop in just to visit with your neighbor? How long has it been since you have done so? People with Disabilities are just as capable in many instances of being friendly neighbors as anyone else. There is no rule stating you have to take a three-layer cake or a pie with you. There is also no rule saying that you cannot!

If you notice that your neighbor has been rather isolated, and you are feeling a bit lonely yourself, why not enjoy each others company? There is no law forbidding it. Why remain isolated if you don't want to be? You might find that you have more in common than you thought.

Little Things Can Help

People who work as nursing assistants many times come to the homes of People with Disabilities for set reasons. They have specific duties they are there for, they perform those duties, and then they leave. What this means is the person the nursing assistant came to the door for often finds themselves with other things around their home that are left undone.

Image of a sticky note reading, 'Help Out!'An interesting fact about People with Disabilities is we are all unique individuals. We all have different capabilities, meaning while one person may not be able to do a particular thing, another might very well be able to. There is certainly no reason we cannot help each other out. Even little things, such as moving an item from one place to another, can help.

Does this mean people who do not experience forms of disabilities should, 'stay out of the way,' of those who do? Absolutely not! Don't be shy! Interact with your neighbors with disabilities, we are people just like you and you might gain a new friend.

A Car Ride

Image of a '79 Chrysler LeBaronCars and vans can be accessorized with items such as hand controls and lifts, making them drivable by People with Disabilities. Not everyone who has a disability needs either of these modifications, meaning that vehicles without them are still usable as transportation by people who experience forms of disabilities. Despite the level of accessibility related to a particular vehicle, it represents transportation that can be used for a variety of reasons.

A ride to the doctor's office, or even the grocery store, can save a lot of trouble for a person who has a form of disability. Who is to say that going to the park isn't a good thing either? Maybe getting out of the house would be a great thing for everyone involved. It sure beats sitting alone in a car or van with multiple seats and no one to interact with.

Movies or Cards

Image of a bowl of popcornIn days gone by, televisions came in black & white with very few channels. Now there are hundreds of channels to watch, with a great variety of movie channels. Popcorn is still fairly inexpensive, and who wants to sit there all alone watching a great movie? Why not invite a friend or neighbor over to watch a movie with you

Even a deck of cards, or board games can be fun when you have others to spend time with. A little food, something to drink, maybe some music, and you have yourself a nice get-together for very little cost. The fun you will have and the memories you will create, as well as the time you spend together, will do everyone good.

Video Chat/Email

Technology finds the Internet as a venue of choice for many people, to include People with Disabilities. Email has become as popular, or even more popular, than regular postage mail. There are a number of social networking sites and programs that enable people to chat over the Internet; some with video capabilities.

Friendships with people who are in entirely different nations are possible because of video chat, chat, social networking, and email. People can interact with each other and learn about one-another in ways that were once considered impossible. New venues of social interaction continue to be developed, making people in nations other than yours much more accessible. Why not make a new friend today

Gaming on the Internet has also become very popular. People can gather to play the same game on the Internet from across the planet, taking on different identities associated with characters in the game and enjoy each others company. A number of these games have built-in chat capabilities so people can interact on more personal levels as they play together.

A Busy World, A Friendly World

Image of a friendship signThe world can seem so busy in many ways, leaving many people feeling as if they are somehow being left out. So much of today's world seem to focus on function, effort, duty, or other utilitarian effort. Everyone needs time to relax and enjoy life and social identities have nothing to do with the need to stop and enjoy life for a while.

Friendship with your neighbors or others, without regard to disability or other social identification, can be vastly rewarding. Believe it or not, friendship is actually caring for one-another because it demonstrates a willingness and desire to spend time with each other. Taking the time to to create and enhance friendships with others; whether they are your neighbors or people on the other side of the planet, demonstrates a willingness to share. Before you know it, you will be having a great time, caring for others, even as you care for yourself and receive care from them.

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