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Public Service and Profit in America

Published : 2011-01-26
Author : Thomas C. Weiss

Synopsis: Services that assist others in society could be greatly enhanced were it not for the endless desire for profit among various entities in America.

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Services that assist others in society could be greatly enhanced were it not for the endless desire for profit among various entities in America. The services provided would not preclude employment, participation by organizations, or the earning of appropriate wages. In fact, many more people in this nation would find themselves employed through the approach to be described.

For example; there are many people in America who experience forms of disabilities that limit their ability to perform everyday activities of daily living. Should organizations be established with the sole purpose of serving the populations of people with disabilities and seniors in this nation by assisting them without a focus on profit, great potential would exist for not only the employment of able-bodied persons as aides, but many people of various abilities in the organizations themselves. Without a need to create a profit, these organizations could pay decent wages while focusing on the provision of services to others.

America currently has in-home care agencies and corporations, some of which provide worthy services, other which do not. All of these agencies are seeking to earn profits, it is the reason they exist. Many of them will not hesitate to increase the rates they charge people seeking their services if the agency or corporation's costs increase; at times more than is honest. The exact same services could be provided by organizations that do not focus on the earning of profits, instead focusing on the provision of services.

In-Home Care organizations that focus on public service and the provision of services could indeed present Nurses and Nursing Assistants with viable employment options and wages. These organizations could bypass all of the paperwork involved with profit measurement, directing Nurses and Nursing Assistants to the homes of people with disabilities and seniors who need them most. Organizations of this type would undoubtedly become highly popular once the people seeking in-home care services realize the incredible savings potential involved. Every single person employed by In-Home Care organizations that do not focus on profit would be able to hold their heads high, knowing they are truly serving others in their own communities, even as they earn a decent living.

The organizations being described are not necessarily non-profit ones; they would most likely exist as not-for-profit organizations. With health care reforms in America in mind, there is perhaps potential for federal funding and grants for the creation of such organizations. There has been an incredible amount of interest in the provision of health care in America recently; one has to wonder just how serious many people are. Are groups willing to establish organizations for the purpose of providing not-for-profit services to members of their own communities

The shooting of Mrs. Giffords, a public servant, as well as the killings and wounding of many others by Mr. Loughner, has brought with it a renewed focus on mental health issues. While preventative forms of assistance in relation to Mr. Loughner in public are now impossible, the fact remains that the overwhelming number of people who experience forms of mental health disabilities are non-violent and deserve health care services. It is extremely unfortunate that it has taken such an incident to once again remind people in America that mental health is a part of health care in general.

Not-for-profit organizations, similar to the ones described, could provide services such as in-home visitation, case management, follow-up visitations, as well as the actual provision of mental health care to people who experience forms of mental health disabilities. These organizations could accomplish the provision of these services at a lower cost, while providing excellent services that others respect, while maintaining the respect of the employees of the organizations. One of the ways people with mental health disabilities, 'fall through the cracks,' and continue to experience untreated forms of mental illnesses is because of a lack of follow-up care.

Not-for-profit organizations could not only provide services to the communities in which they exist, they could network with other not-for-profit organizations whose purpose is the provision of education. There are areas where the earning of profits are appropriate; health care and education should not be included in these areas. Both health care services and education are things every person needs in order to function to their greatest abilities in the society and communities in which they find themselves.

With this in mind, the establishment of not-for-profit organizations whose goals are provision of health care services to people with disabilities and seniors in America should proceed at an unprecedented rate if true health care reform is to exist. While this particular perspective may not please everyone, should the organizations and services described grow and thrive - the results would almost certainly be pleasing. If nothing else, more people with disabilities and seniors would receive services from others in their own communities, and more people would find themselves gainfully employed.

About the Author

Thomas C. Weiss attended college and university courses earning a Masters, Bachelors and two Associate degrees, as well as pursing Disability Studies. As a Nursing Assistant Thomas has assisted people from a variety of racial, religious, gender, class, and age groups by providing care for people with all forms of disabilities from Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson's; para and quadriplegia to Spina Bifida.

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