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One Handed Game Controller for Playstation and PC

  • Published: 2010-02-09 (Revised/Updated 2014-05-05) : eDimensional and BenHeck (
  • Synopsis: New Playstation 2 - 3 and PC game controller allows for one-handed use for those with disabilities.

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Quote: "Additionally, each module can easily be removed and rearranged to suit any gaming style or need."

Unique New Playstation 2/3 & PC Controller Allows for One-Handed Use for Those with Disabilities.

eDimensional, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of innovative gaming accessories has just released the innovative new Access Controller, designed by renowned modder and Games for Health Convention keynote speaker Benjamin Heckendorn (also known as BenHeck).

The Access Controller features a patented new modular control design; each control function found on a regular gamepad (including analog sticks, D-Pad, shoulder buttons, action buttons, etc.) is accessible and built into its own slot and positioned in the layout of a hand.

About This Image: face-on.jpg
Additionally, each module can easily be removed and rearranged to suit any gaming style or need. The concave design rests comfortably on a leg or a table and provides proper balance and resistance for optimal responsiveness.

Disabled gamer James Mannhalter of Alabama said,

"Video games became a way for me to escape the pain of my injuries, the grueling horror of my recovery, and the depression that sometimes comes with a life long disability...Gaming can be very important for someone like me."

Echoes Michael L.

"I am in the Army and have served over in Iraq 3 times. During my 3rd tour, I was struck by a 400 lb. IED, leaving me without a left hand and right thumb, along with 39% of my body burned. I love to play video games, but haven't been able to since the accident."

eDimensional CEO Michael Epstein says

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"Gamers contacting us from around the world have opened our eyes to an overwhelming need for gaming accessories suitable for those with disabilities or physical limitations. We could not be more pleased to team up once again with Ben to make his vision of a readily-available single-handed controller a reality. It has become a mission for our company and a truly rewarding experience that we are fortunate to be a part of."

The Access Controller is also great for any gamer who wants the convenience of being able to reconfigure the controls to suit their specific RPG or FPS gaming style, arcade-style gaming, or those who like to multi-task while gaming.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Access Controllers will benefit Children's Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

The controller is now available at and includes support for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and PC.

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