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Raising Money for an Accessible Van or Adaptive Driving Equipment

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Published: 2012-08-17 : (Rev. 2019-05-08)

Synopsis and Key Points:

List of steps for raising funds or finding resources in order to purchase a mobility van for a person with disability.

Simple steps for fundraising so you can regain independence with little or no cost to you.

Checkout crowdfunding sites where people from all over the world have raised millions for unique causes.

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If you're having trouble finding the funds or resources to buy a mobility van, you're not alone. With the average price tag for a new accessible vehicle topping $50k, government wheelchair van financial aid can help offset the cost. But if you want to lower your monthly payments significantly, launch your own fundraiser.

It may sound like a big endeavor. Well, it is. But with some brainstorming, help from friends and family, time and passion, you can organize a successful fundraiser. And if it helps you acquire an accessible vehicle for yourself or a loved one, it's certainly worthwhile.

Here are eight simple steps so you can regain independence with little or no cost to you.

An event can help kick start your fundraiser

While fundraisers can be ongoing, host an event to jump-start the campaign.

It can be an informal gathering at a home, a formal affair in a restaurant or anything in between.

Consider a theme, perhaps based around a hobby or interest of the person with a disability trying to acquire the wheelchair van.

Keep the fees realistic

Too often, people and organization alike host fundraisers that charge over $100 per person. Though its fine to charge for tickets to the event, you should still consider the finances of likely attendees and don't price unrealistically.

Don't spend money to raise money

Organize your helpers into a committee

Use the power of public relations

Don't overlook the Internet

Engage on social media to make a major impact

Make it easy for people to donate

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