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Famous People with Spina Bifida

List of Famous People With and Who Had Spina Bifida

Published: 2017-11-10 - Updated: 2023-09-12
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Synopsis: A comprehensive list of well known and famous people both past and present who were born with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the United States, with approx. 1,500 babies born with spina bifida per year. If parents have one child with spina bifida, the risk of recurrence increases to between 1 and 5 out of 100. If one parent has spina bifida, the chances of having a child with spina bifida are between 1 and 5 percent. If both parents have spina bifida, the chances of having a child with spina bifida increases to 15 percent.

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Spina bifida (Latin: "split spine") is a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. Some vertebrae overlying the spinal cord are not fully formed and remain un-fused and open. If the opening is large enough, this allows a portion of the spinal cord to protrude through the opening in the bones.


Spina bifida malformations fall into four categories:

Neural tube defects can usually be detected during pregnancy by testing the mother's blood (AFP screening) or a detailed fetal ultrasound. Spina bifida may be associated with other malformations as in dysmorphic syndromes, often resulting in spontaneous miscarriage. The most common location of the malformations is the lumbar and sacral areas of the spinal cord. The lumbar nerves control the muscles in the hip, leg, knee and foot, and help to keep the body erect. There is no cure for nerve damage due to spina bifida. To prevent further damage of the nervous tissue and to prevent infection, pediatric neurosurgeons operate to close the opening on the back.

List of Famous People With and Who Had Spina Bifida

  • Aaron Fotheringham
  • Adrian V. Stokes
  • Al Davison
  • Alejandro Zarzuela
  • Anthony Gale (Sledge hockey)
  • Anthony Peddle
  • Baby M (Australia)
  • Beatrice Ngcobo
  • Billy Bridges
  • Blaine Harrison
  • Bobby Steele
  • Carl Rutherford
  • Catalina Devandas Aguilar
  • Catherine Huggett
  • Chandre Oram
  • Claire Buchanan
  • Cola Boyy
  • Daisuke Uehara
  • Dale Tryon, Baroness Tryon
  • Dan McCoy (Sledge hockey)
  • Daniel Romanchuk
  • David Holding
  • David Proud
  • Deahnne McIntyre
  • Emma Brown (Powerlifter)
  • Emmy Kaiser
  • Erik Hightower
  • Geoff Trappett
  • George Schappell
  • Georgina Oliver
  • Gianfranco Iannotta
  • Guro Fjellanger
  • Hank Williams
  • Imalia Oktrininda
  • James LeBrecht
  • Javed Abidi
  • Jean Driscoll
  • Jeff St John
  • Jeffrey Tate
  • Jesse Richards
  • Jessica Matassa
  • Jiske Griffioen
  • John Mellencamp
  • Jon Hall (Basketball)
  • Jon Pollock
  • Josie Cichockyj
  • Joy Haizelden
  • Justin Yoder
  • Karin Muraszko
  • Katharina Kr├╝ger
  • Kaylea Titford
  • Kelsey DiClaudio
  • Kendall Gretsch
  • Kerrie Engel
  • Laurie Stephens
  • Lawrence Gwozdz
  • Louise Sauvage
  • Lucinda Williams
  • Luke Pople
  • Lynda Holt
  • Maikel Scheffers
  • Marc Dorion
  • Marcel Hug
  • Matt Lloyd (Paralympian)
  • Matt Scott (Basketball)
  • Meggan Dawson-Farrell
  • Melanie Domaschenz
  • Melanie Hawtin
  • Merle Menje
  • Miller Williams
  • Nikita den Boer
  • Niranjan Mukundan
  • Peggy Assinck
  • Peter Williams (Alpine skier)
  • Rebecca Murray
  • Rene Kirby
  • Richard Chiassaro
  • Richard Colman
  • Riva Lehrer
  • Robert M. Hensel
  • Ruth Madeley
  • Sam Carter (Athlete)
  • Samuel Armas
  • Sarah Vinci
  • Susan Beth Scott
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Tatyana McFadden
  • Theresa Goh
  • Timothy Brei
  • Zoe Voris

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