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Famous People Who Are Dyslexic or Had Dyslexia

  • Synopsis: Published: 2017-11-10 (Revised/Updated 2017-11-17) - A list of famous persons living and deceased who are Dyslexic or had Dyslexia in their life. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World.

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What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that manifests primarily as a difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling.

Although dyslexia is the result of a neurological difference, it is not an intellectual disability. Dyslexia occurs at all levels of intelligence, average, above average, and highly gifted.

Dyslexia is most commonly characterized by difficulties with learning how to decode at the word level, to spell, and to read accurately and fluently. Some see dyslexia as distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or poor or inadequate reading instruction. There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia (auditory, visual and attentional), although individual cases of dyslexia are better explained by specific underlying neuropsychological deficits and co-occurring learning disabilities (e.g. attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, math disability, etc.).

There is no cure for dyslexia, but dyslexic individuals can learn to read and write with appropriate education or treatment.

There is wide research evidence indicating that specialized phonics instruction can help remediate the reading deficits.

In the United States, researchers estimate the prevalence of dyslexia to range from five to nine percent of school-aged children, though some have put the figure as high as 17 percent.

List of Famous People Who Are Dyslexic or Had Dyslexia

  • Agatha Christie
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Ann Bancroft - Explorer, lecturer, educator, first woman to travel across the ice to the North and South Poles.
  • Bruce Jenner
  • Charles Schwab - Charles Robert Schwab, Jr.
  • Cher
  • Dale S. Brown
  • Danny Glover
  • David Jones - Stunt man, pioneer in helicopter aerial photography
  • Dr. Red Duke - Physician, television commentator
  • Edward Hallowell
  • Edward James Olmos
  • Ellie Hawkins - Record-breaking rock climber
  • Eric Wynalda - Professional athlete
  • Fanny Flagg
  • Frank Dunkle - Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Fred Curry - Navy pilot, CEO of Greyhound Lines
  • Gaston Caperton - Former governor of West Virginia.
  • George Burns
  • George Patton
  • Greg Louganis - U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Gustave Flaubert
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Harry Anderson
  • Harry Belafonte
  • Henry Winkler
  • Jackie Stewart
  • Jay Leno - James Douglas Muir "Jay" Leno
  • John Corcoran
  • John Horner - John "Jack" R. Horner
  • Judy Gaman
  • Lindsay Wagner - Actress, author, "The Bionic Woman"
  • Magic Johnson
  • Nancy L. Sonnabend - Researcher, inventor, author
  • Neil Bush
  • Nelson Rockefeller
  • Nola D. Chee - Award-winning poet and author
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Patricia Polacco - Author, illustrator of children's books
  • Paul J. Orfalea
  • Paul Mark Oakenfold
  • Richard Branson
  • Richard Strauss
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Roger W. Wilkins - Head of the Pulitzer Prize Board
  • Russell White
  • S.F. Tomajczyk
  • Stephen Bacque - Entrepreneur of the Year, 1998
  • Stephen J. Cannell
  • Sylvia Law - Professor of law and medicine, author
  • Terry Bowersock - Entrepreneur, motivational speaker
  • Thomas Edison
  • Thomas H. Kean - President of Drew University, former governor of New Jersey
  • Tom Cruise
  • Tom Smothers - Thomas Bolin "Tom" Smothers, III
  • Tomima Edmark - Author, entrepreneur
  • Tracey Gold
  • Victor Villasenor
  • Walt Disney
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • William B. Yeats - Poet, dramatist, Nobel prize winner
  • William James - Psychologist, philosopher
  • William Simmons - MD Professor of anesthesiology
  • Winston Churchill
  • Woodrow Wilson

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